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Project Description
Do you hate trying to remember how to format text in Wikipedia? Do you have a bunch of Word documents that you'd like to convert to use in Wikipedia (or another site that uses the same wiki engine - aka "MediaWiki")? This .NET/VSTO add-in for Microsoft Word will allow you to take a document authored in Word and upload it (with automatic format conversion) to Wikipedia, or any other site that uses the MediaWiki engine.


News: Beta 2 Released

2008-04-24 the Beta 2 release should finally have a working installer that (a) helps get all the amazing number of prerequisites in place, and (b) ensures that the .NET Security settings are set correctly as well. Frankly, I'm not entirely thrilled with some of the rough edges on the corner cases I haven't been able to defeat, but I'm more concerned that so many folks are downloading Beta 1, getting absolutely nowhere, and possibly giving up on this project before it's even gotten off the ground.
2008-04-01 Note: the Beta release only installs the Add-in Assembly, but doesn't install the VSTO runtime, the Office PIAs or grant the required .NET permissions. This will be coming very shortly. (No, this ain't no April Fool's joke - at least, not on you). <br> The toolbar and conversion code now runs without crashing, and I've even successfully converted a few of my own documents, so it's time to unleash this on an unsuspecting public. (heh) You can download the MSI installer by clicking on the Releases tab.


  • For anyone who's not comfortable with Wiki formatting
  • For those who prefer to write in Word and then paste their output directly into a Wiki web page
  • For those of you that have a collection of pre-existing Word documents, and want to make the information available to a Wiki community.


The features that have been implemented so far include:
  • A custom Toolbar and buttons
  • The core conversion code (excluding Images and Tables in Word documents - those will be addressed in an upcoming release
My blog documents the early development hurdles I faced in the early days of bashing my skull against a wall (aka "writing VSTO and converting VBA").

Troubleshooting Word2MediaWiki.NET

If you are having issues with installing or using Word2MediaWiki.NET, please have a look at these resources:
  1. Here's where I'm documenting my guide for Troubleshooting Installation Issues
  2. Here is a good set of links for VSTO troubleshooting information and tools.
  3. KB 319719: How to determine whether any COM add-ins are loaded in Word
  4. Finally, while I don't know how to interpret it all, it's still worth checking the output from the VSTO Power Tools "VSTO Troubleshooter" tool - who knows? You might get lucky, or you might find something that I would even know how to resolve :)

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