Statusbar text persists for whichever is the last "Converting..." operation - should end with "Conversion complete"


While a conversion is running, the Statusbar reports different strings of text, corresponding to the operations that are currently being performed.  However, rather than reporting to the user when the conversion operation has completed, the Statusbar message doesn't change to let the user know it's finished.  Instead, the final operation's message is always the last conversion step that was being performed (e.g. "Converting lists...").
Recommend: once all conversion actions have completed, and the add-in is performing its final cleanup, the Statusbar message should be updated to something like:
  • "Conversion complete"
  • "Conversion completed - you may now copy and paste the results into your Wiki article"
  • "" [i.e. blank out the Statusbar text - or otherwise reset to default behaviour]